Program Philosophy

The objective of Die Kleine Kinderschule is to provide a preschool setting where 3-5 year old children are encouraged to learn German in a warm and stimulating play environment that fosters independence and encourages activities that lead to a sense of accomplishment. Learning is fun in playschool and through child’s play we hope to provide a satisfying and stimulating experience for each child.

It is our philosophy that a child learns a language by exposure to it. While not all of the children hear or speak German at home, our school provides a German-language setting on a regular basis for children at all levels of linguistic proficiency. In the classroom our playschool teachers speak German, supplemented with actions, pictures and other educational aids, and the children learn to use the language not through formal instruction but through the medium of play. You will be surprised how quickly your child will start to understand and use simple words and expressions!

The program will be varied: large and small muscle activities, indoor and outdoor play, use of imaginative materials or creative media, or real life equipment. There will be quiet times (listening to music, singing, reading of books, puzzles, manipulative toys) and active periods (crafts, painting, block building, housekeeping play, and gym periods).


DKK Preschool Program

For 3-5 year olds.

Classes run for 2.5 hours, 2 days a week.

We operate out of 3 schools, Forest Heights, DKK South (German Club, 8310 Roper Rd) and Rio Terrace. Please see location addresses, days, and times of classes in the Locations tab under the Contact menu bar.

We offer an additional third day option on Friday as a Kindergarten Readiness Class. The child must be registered in our regular 2 day program first to attend the Friday class.

Children attending this program must be turning 3 years of age by September 30 to attend DKK. If the child turns 3 between Oct 1 and Dec 31, the child can begin in January. In the case where we have full classes, you may be required to pay the tuition costs for Sept-Dec to hold the spot until January when your child can begin.

Maximum enrollment 16 children, every class has 1 teacher and 1 aid. We can facilitate up to 20 children if another staff member can be attained.

Children must be daytime toilet trained.